Italian Guidelines for #Semantic #Interoperability via Linked Open Data [#linkeddata #opendata #lod #semanticweb]

Submitted by Irene on Thu, 2012/09/27 - 13:36
Following the requirements of the EU Digital Agenda on the alignment of Member States’ interoperability frameworks with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) by 2013, Italy has put in place a working group to develop ‘Guidelines for semantic interoperability through Linked Open Data’.

These guidelines approach Semantic Interoperability among public administrations – at national and cross-border level – taking into account Linked Open Data and Semantic Web technologies.

According to DigitPA, this is the first initiative in Italy with a comprehensive methodological approach and a careful analysis of all standards, core technologies and implementation tools. Particular attention is given to the licences associated with the published data and business models for the use of this data. Finally, the document contextualizes the approach of the Italian interoperability framework necessary for achieving semantic interoperability alignment with the EIF by identifying the specific role of the national shared infrastructure.

Members of the general public are invited to send comments via e-mail to: with the subject: "Consultazione pubblica Interoperabiltà Semantica e Open Data".


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